Fishmeal is a natural and well-balanced source of high-quality protein used primarily in diets for domestic animals, poultry, and aquaculture. Fish meal is a brown powder or cake obtained from optimum cooking, steam drying and grinding raw fish.

Driven by a humongous demand for fish meal in the global market, we are positioning ourselves as Steam Dried Fish Meal Manufacturers and Exporters. Due to its high protein content and superior quality, the variety of fish meal offered is simply unparalleled and widely accepted by a large number of consumers.

Fish meal is a rich protein source and is used as ingredient in feed of aquaculture, animal feed, and poultry feed, pet feed, fish feed and dairy industries.

Fish meal is a high nutrient concentration, can be a special advantage as supplement in high nutrient dense starter diets for poultry, aquaculture and animal feed. Most of the Raw materials used are Sardines, Mackerels, and Tuna etc.

Fish meal is also a concentrated source of high quality protein and fat & rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.


  • To improve in immunity with greater disease resistance and reduced impact of disease if contacted.
  • Reduction of mortality in younger animals, mainly on lambs and piglets.
  • This also Reduce severity of inflammatory diseases (EPA and DHA are anti-inflammatory).
  • Provide a wide range of essential nutrients, many of which are not provided adequately from vegetable materials, thus improving the animal’s nutritional status.
  • Productivity improvement through better growth and feed conversion, thereby reducing the cost of animal production.