The Sultanate of Oman lies in the south-eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula and has a total area of 309,500 km2. The country has a coastline of almost 3,165 km, from the Strait of Hormuz in the north to the borders of the Republic of Yemen in the southwest, overlooking three seas: the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. Most of the central part of Oman is landscaped with a vast gravel desert plain, with mountain ranges along the north and southeast coast, where the country’s main cities are located: the capital city Muscat, Sohar and Sur in the north, Duqm at the central and Salalah in the south.

The Arabian Sea is rich with fisheries resources which include different varieties of fish in addition to favourite Omani crustaceans’ species, all of which are in great demand in neighboring countries as well as Europe. Shorelines surrounding the Sultanate enjoy a rich and varied marine life due to its location overlooking the Sea of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Omani waters are home to many types of marine life, such as crustaceans and molluscs, along with Pelagic and Demersal fish, and particularly sardines, which is a traditional seafood and rich in protein and fat. Sardines, locally known as “Ouma”, occupy the first rank in fish exports of the Sultanate. The Governorate of Al Wusta ranked first, in terms of the production of sardines in the Sultanate, producing 43,047 tons last year, equivalent to 52 per cent of the total production, followed by the Governorate of South A’Sharqiyah with 24,103 tons, representing 29 per cent of total Omani production.

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M/S Alpha Fishco expresses their great appreciation and gratitude for His Majesty’s attention to enhancing Fisheries through establishing Fisheries Zone in Special Economic Zone in Duqm, Oman

We value His Majesty’s constant efforts in the march of modernizing and development that yielded unprecedented development achievements in all domains across the Sultanate, thanks to the wise leadership and planning of His Majesty that met requirements of the present and forecasting avenues of future wisely.

The Governorates of North and South Al Batinah produced 6,588 tons, with 8 per cent. Also, the Governorate of Dhofar produced 5,243 tons, the equivalent of 6 per cent, the Governorate of Muscat reported 2,361 tons, with 3 per cent, and the Governorate of Musandam produced 1,312 tons, with 2 per cent of total production. The studies, conducted by the Aquarium and Marine Science and Fisheries Centre, suggested the possibility of increasing the production of sardines from Omani seas. It further recommended increasing the Sultanate’s production of sardines by 18.9 per cent over the coming years.

Agriculture and fishing are the traditional way of life in Oman.  Other areas grow cereals and forage crops. Poultry production is steadily rising. Fish and shellfish exports totalled $215 million in 2014 which was just $34 in 2000, with an average year on year (y-o-y) growth of over 30 percent for the last 14 years.

One of the strategic plans for the growth of Oman’s is the investments in the traditional industry such as fisheries. With investment over $1.3billion for fisheries development named as “Blue Growth” the project aims to increase production from 200,000 tons at present (2014) to 480,000 tons in 2020 with additional employment of 20,000.

Duqm is located at the Al Wusta Governorate on the Sultanate’s southern coast, 540 kilometers from the Governorate of Muscat where a Special Economic Zone in Duqm (SEZAD) has been established, which is considered as the Biggest Special Economic Zone in the Middle east. The establishment of SEZAD crowns the great efforts made by the Sultanate to diversify sources of national economy with fisheries as one of its main initiatives. The area is divided into 8 main areas that include in addition to logistic services area. Moreover, the area is known for its abundant fish resources, which qualify it to become a hub for fish processing industries and aquaculture projects.